The main 660-card 1989 set consisted of 5-132 full uncut sheets. The FF card is located on the bottom row (color bar row) of it's respective sheet. All corrected versions of the card were located in the same spot on the sheet.

When it came time for Fleer to make factory sets - they needed more 'corrected' cards. Full 132-card Black Box sheets were produced. Rounded Black Box with straight upper left white line to be exact.

Full 132 card uncut sheet with corrected Black Box.

The 'Collector's Edition' or Glossy set was produced in the same 5 sheet pattern with the corrected (Rounded Black Box, jagged upper white line) being used. The Glossy sheets weren't produced with the 'color bar' at the bottom, but rather a solid white border.

The 132 card '89 Fleer Update set was produced on it's own separate full sheet.

Pictures of the other '89 Fleer uncut sheets. Griffey/Johnson, Bonds/Ryan, Canseco 40/40.