Checklist or ranking of all the 1989 FF variations. Nothing scientific - just my opinion. This list may or may not include EVERY version or variation.

Four main versions are the FF, White Scribble, Black Scribble and Black Box. Everything else are versions within versions within versions. Saw-cuts, Whiteouts etc. It never ends.

1. F-Face (Original Card) #14
----- F-Face Saw-Cut #12
2. Circle Scribble (aka Semi-Airbrushed) #1
3. White Scribble (White Airbrushed) #3
----- White Scribble Saw-Cut #2
4. Whiteout (if they are in fact 'real') #4
5. Black Scribble w/ F #10
----- Black Scribble w/ F Saw-Cut #8
6. Black Scribble w/ Loop #9
----- Black Scribble w/ Loop Saw-Cut #7
7. Black Scribble w/o F #6
----- Black Scribble w/o F Saw-Cut #5
8. Black Box (Square left edge) #13
----- Black Box (Square left edge) Saw-Cut #?
9. Black Box (Rounded left edge) #15
10. Black Box (Rounded left edge & Jagged white line) #16
11. Black Box Glossy Tin Edition #11

Other (versions within versions):
1. F-Face Double Print (words are doubled)
----- F-Face Double Print w/ Red Offset
----- F-Face Double Print w/ Black Offset
----- F-Face Double Print w/ Blue Offset
2. Circle Scribble (4 distinct levels of coverage)
----- Circle Scribble w/ Saw-Cut
3. Black Scribble w/ F (Swirl print marks around bat knob)

Other (versions within versions within versions):
1. Black Box w/ Print Dot(s) - Dots on the Box
2. F-Face w/ 'Bulls Eye' Red/Yellow Print Dot
3. F-Face w/ Vertical Yellow Print Line
4. F-Face w/ Various Print Defects (front & back)
5. F-Face w/ Blank Front
6. F-Face w/ Blank Front & B/W back
7. F-Face Progressive Proofs (missing ink)
8. Too many more to list.....